BBBSHC provides children facing adversity with enduring, professionally supported one- to-one relationships that change their lives forever

Our Bigs, Parents, and Littles say it best:

"He means a lot to me because I mean a lot to him. We do fun things together, like playing Monopoly and going to the museum. We saw a lot of stuff that we both liked, but my best part was the dinosaurs. I like that he’s nice and friendly and he makes me laugh and he can play Wii better than my mom. The best part about John and me being together: I’m teaching him and he’s teaching me. I hope he stays around forever." - Little Brother Bohdan

"Jajuana & I were matched on April 13, 2005. What a great 8 years it has been! We seemed to hit it off right from the start. I have watched her grow into a more outgoing and confident young woman. My life has been enriched with her in it." - Big Sister Sandy

"For most of my life I never really had a father figure or someone to look up to. It was just my mom. At the age of seven I received my big brother Tim. Not only did he give me someone to look up to but he taught me what it means to be a man." Little Brother DeAndre

"We would like to extend our sincere gratitude for this program. The big brother match that you selected for our son Jalen is exceptional. Ryan is a man of integrity and an excellent role model. They have a great relationship and you both have been such a blessing." - Little Brother Jalen's mom

BBBSHC has successfully operated its most enduring program, the Community-Based Mentoring Program (CBMP) since the agency's inception in 1967. BBBSHC's local program evaluation bears out findings from national research that have demonstrated that children in our program do better in school, engage in fewer risky behaviors and have better relationships. In 2012, volunteers saw positive change as the relationship with their Little Brothers and Sisters grew: on the Program Outcome Evaluation, volunteers indicated that 91% of youth exhibit more self-confidence, 95% express their feelings more and 91% express more trust. Hampden County parents also indicated that their sons and daughters experienced many improvements after a year with a Big Brother or Sister:
*88% exhibit more self-confidence
*87% are more expressive of their feelings
*77% improved their attitude toward school
*69% improved their academic performance
*67% improved their classroom behavior
*72% improved their relationships with peers
*61% demonstrate a more positive sense of the future

Based on the youth's Youth Outcome Survey results from pre- to post-test, 96.8% of CBMP youth improved in one major category, 93.6% improved in two and 64.5% improved in three. Almost two-thirds (61.3%) improved in Scholastic Competence. Lastly, volunteers and youth identified their relationships as strong, which contributed to match retention
and length rates near the top of the BBBS network. The average Strength of Relationship score for community-based matches in 2012, on a 5 point scale, was 4.59 for youth and 4.3 for volunteers.

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