Citizens Awareness Network (CAN) a grassroots environmental organization working to replace nuclear power with sustainable energy solutions.


CAN is a volunteer, grassroots organization, committed to the creation of sustainable communities with the replacement of nuclear reactors in the Northeast with sustainable solutions. In a fight to shut a dangerous local nuke, frightened and aroused citizens formed CAN in 1991. Committed to establishing a sustainable energy future through stopping relicensing of aging reactors, CAN grew from a local to a regional group, with 4 chapters in the northeast and a board run by local organizers; with over 4,000 members and 70 volunteers, we remain close to our roots-work out of our homes and limit our infrastructure. Instrumental in closing of Yankee Rowe, CT Yankee and Millstone Unit 1 reactors in New England, CAN won lawsuits against NRC over the illegal decommissioning of Yankee Rowe and Boston Edison in its attempt to join a consortium of nuclear corporations to site a nuclear waste dump on the skull Valley Goshute Reservation in Utah. Participated in NRC hearings on decommissioning of Yankee Rowe and CT Yankee as well as license transfer proceedings on Indian Point, FitzPatrick, and Vermont Yankee reactors. Organized and ran with the MA Department of health a citizen health study on the Deerfield River Valley which found statistical significance in cancer and children with Down Syndrome. We organized pro bono help from John Snow Institute, Harvard School of Public Health and USGS. Organized a high-level waste conference bringing reactor and waste communities together to create nuclear waste policy that supported both affected communities, which included the concept of Hardened On Site Storage (HOSS) on nuclear fuel. As a founding member of Safe Power Vermont organized to get Act 160 passed that empowered the legislature to decide Vermont Yankee's future through acceptance or rejection of its certificate of public good. Through our organizing and lobbying work, CAN was instrumental in securing the VT Senate vote to close VY in 2012 in a 2010 legislative session.

CAN envisions a future of safety, prosperity, and good health for all where:
• People generate electricity for their own homes and communities
• Local energy production and conservation create new local jobs
• Renewable energy is integrated into all of our homes and public buildings
• It is easy for everyone to access sustainable and affordable energy
• Clean, efficient energy use is standard practice
• Family farms and locally owned businesses are the backbone of our communities

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