To improve the lives of low-income and elderly people through legal assistance, ensuring fairness and justice... for all.

What do you believe ... really?

Do you believe in fairness and justice ... for all?

Do you believe that your neighbors who do honest labor should get paid?

Do you believe that your neighbors who pay their rent should be able to stay in their homes?

Do you believe that your neighbors who are victims of domestic violence should be protected?

Then you believe in Community Legal Aid.

Community Legal Aid ensures fairness in the justice system for your neighbors in moments of crisis, when their problems – protecting their livelihood, home, health, or family – require immediate legal solutions.

But Community Legal Aid – this region’s only provider of free civil legal help – cannot survive or thrive without the help of great people like you.

Your gift to Community Legal Aid helps make all that happen. It feels good.

Your gift helps...

  • Gladys and her young daughter, who live in an apartment where the carpet is moldy and the toilet backs up with sewage. Gladys asked her landlord to fix the problem, and he served her with eviction papers. It’s not fair.

  • William, who depends on a monthly SSI check to pay for rent and food. He checked the wrong box on a form, and his lawful benefits were terminated. Old, frail, and fearful, he is desperate. It’s not fair.

  • Tanya, whose husband abused her for years. She finally found the strength to leave their home, but her husband tracked her down. Now she needs a restraining order and a divorce, but cannot afford an attorney to help her. It’s not fair.

It doesn’t have to be a "grand" gift. Every gift, of any size, makes a difference to our clients – your neighbors. Community Legal Aid is just grateful for your support.

Of course, you are free to accept or refuse our plea.

But if you do choose to give, we want you to know you are joining a long and proud tradition of fighting for fairness and justice for our neighbors.

We have been ensuring fairness in the justice system for our neighbors in central and western Mass. since the 1950s.

Now, we’ve come to you ... asking for your help!

Your gift can help tip the scales toward fairness this year. Please give so none of our neighbors has to live in fear. Without dignity. Unprotected by the law.

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