For over forty years, the Foundation has raised much needed funds to support the students and programs at Holyoke Community College.

Help us raise $38,000 in one day to purchase an adult patient simulator for Holyoke Community College!

The vision of this capital campaign is to create two new centers for education at Holyoke Community College: the Center for Health Education and the Center for Life Sciences. To accomplish this, the college will: a) convert a recently purchased piece of commercial property adjacent to the campus to a home for the Nursing and Radiological Technology programs; and b) use the space vacated by those two programs to create state-of-the-art life sciences laboratories.

The Center for Health Education

Equipped with sophisticated patient simulators ranging from maternity and newborn to pediatric and geriatric, the HCC SIMuCENTER will support nursing education throughout the continuum of patient care and be the core component of the new Center for Health Education. Human Patient Simulators enable nursing students to develop clinical decision-making proficiencies, refine technical skills, practice assessment techniques, and gain competency in recognizing and preventing common medical errors. The housing of these simulators in acute care and critical care patient rooms, with working clinical equipment, will allow the students to practice a wide variety of high-risk, low- frequency skills as well as high-frequency clinical events and situations.

This center will significantly expand the college’s capability to educate students in nursing and radiologic technology by 25-30%, and promote diversity in the student body through innovative linkages with the local health care industry. Specially designed classrooms and a state-of-the-art X-ray room will prepare students for their offsite clinical rotations by allowing them to train using the latest X-ray equipment and computer technology.

The Center for Life Sciences

The growth of the life sciences in education has been in response to the need for laboratory technicians, quality assurance personnel and manufacturing assistants in the fields of biotechnology, health care, education and green technologies. The Pioneer Valley is home to an increasing number of businesses performing precision tasks. A highly skilled and adaptable workforce is essential to the continued growth of this industry. The Center for Life Sciences will occupy 13,000 square feet of upgraded and accessible laboratories, a clean room, classrooms, offices, and student workspace. These facilities will support the programs in Biology, Chemistry, Sustainability Studies, Veterinary Technician, Pre-Medical and Dental, and Foundations of Health. The new laboratories will also assist the college in recruiting more students interested in the sciences and thus promoting the state and national goals of an increased focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics education.

The Center will respond to the workforce needs of the Pioneer Valley by preparing students for multiple career paths with a solid grounding in life sciences. The creation of the only clean room for student training in western Massachusetts will be beneficial to students majoring in the lab sciences who are planning to transfer or move right into the workplace. This facility might also be helpful to an increasing number of Pioneer Valley businesses. Workforce education could be held in the laboratories and clean room when they are not in academic use. Trainings can be tailored for a specific employer or to support new and existing industries in the Pioneer Valley.

This campaign is seeking to raise $5.3 million in support of these initiatives, of which $4 million has already been secured, with the remaining $1 million to be solicited in private donations. Now, the college needs the commitment of alumni, area businesses, and residents to make the dream a reality.

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