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The Connecticut River and the Mount Holyoke Range are at the heart of Kestrel's 19-town region. Photo by Rene Theberge.


With your support, Kestrel is working with landowners in 5 towns to conserve 1,000 more acres on the Mt. Holyoke Range.


Kestrel is leading the Forever Farmland initiative to work collaboratively to protect farms.


Permanently protected farmland is the foundation of a sustainable regional food system. Photo: Jason Threlfall


Farmer Ray Young leads a tour organized by Kestrel and CISA. Photo: Jason Threlfall


Conservation protects habitat for bobcat in the Valley. Photo by Paul Redstone.


Conservation makes a difference to coyotes in the Mineral Hills. Photo by Laurie Sanders.


Kestrel is helping the Barstows preserve their 200-year-old family farm for agricultural use. Photo: Sandra Pipczynski.


Conservation matters to black bears that travel the corridor between the Quabbin and the Range. Photo by Susan C. Morse.


Partnering with the Friends of Lake Warner, Kestrel is working to repair the dam in order to save Hadley's Lake Warner.


Conservation supports birds like this peregrine falcon in the Conte National Fish & Wildlife Refuge. Photo: Rick Thayer


This kestrel chick is part of Kestrel's nest box project to support the Valley's population of this threatened species.


Kestrel volunteers created a children's story walk this year at Northampton's Fitzgerald Lake Conservation Area.


Conservation matters to children. Photo by Kristin DeBoer.


Picnicking at Mount Pollux Conservation Area in Amherst, one of Kestrel's first projects.


The Paul C. Jones Working Forest permanently conserves 3,486 acres - the largest CR in Massachusetts. (photo S. Lennard)


Each spring break, Kestrel holds a nature photography workshop with children and their parents.


Protected land at Teawaddle Hill Farm in Leverett. (photo: S Lennard)


There's always something new to see from the top of Mount Holyoke.


The Ben and Virginia Ricci Conservation Area on Bay Road in Amherst - dedicated in September 2013.


Kestrel's Stewardship Manager teaches volunteers how to monitor conservation lands. Photo by Rene Theberge.


Kestrel protects land along the Amethyst Brook, which connects Pelham and Amherst.


Kestrel volunteers learn how to track wildlife.


Smith College donated a conservation restriction on 190 acres surrounding the MacLeish Field Station in West Whately.


Kestrel's annual 5K for Farmland raises funds to protect agricultural land in the Valley. Photo by John Body.


500 runners of all ages gather at Hadley's West Street Common each October to run the 5K. Photo by Rene Theberge.


Each April, the Northampton Chamber of Commerce and many local businesses promote Earth Day with Kestrel lawn signs.


Donate to conserve farmland.


Donate to conserve woodlands. Photo by David Schumacher.


Donate to conserve waterways. Photo by David Schumacher.


Donate to create recreational opportunities.


Thank you for your support of land conservation in the Valley!

Conserve the Valley you love! Join Kestrel Land Trust to protect forests and farmland in Amherst, Northampton, and surrounding Valley towns.

What do you love most about the Valley?

The beauty of our farms, meadows, woodlands, and wetlands?

The Mount Holyoke and Mount Tom Ranges?

The Connecticut River and the abundance of local brooks and streams?

Quiet, peaceful places to walk, bike, ski, and explore?

Kestrel Land Trust is protecting the Valley you love, ensuring that land is conserved for the benefit of all who live here now and in the future.

Since 1970, Kestrel Land Trust has collaborated with communities to conserve more than 20,000 acres of our natural heritage - forests for wildlife habitat, drinking water, and hiking trails, as well as farms that provide the local food that sustains you.

Here are some of Kestrel’s land conservation projects that Valley Gives supporters helped make possible in 2014:

Mount Holyoke Range: Conservation of 1,000 acres on the Range to expand the state park for wildlife as well as hiking.

Saw Mill Hills, Mineral Hills, and Fitzgerald Lake, Northampton: The expansion and stewardship of these popular natural areas, in partnership with the City of Northampton.

Barstow's Longview Farm, Hadley: Preservation of a 200-year-old dairy farm at the western end of the Range.

Jabish Brook Conservation Area, Belchertown: The addition of 90 acres to this forested area that large mammals rely on to travel from the Range to the protected lands surrounding the Quabbin.

Fort River Farm, Amherst: Protection of 20 acres of prime farmland and wildlife habitat for community gardening, elementary school projects, and start-up opportunities for new farmers.

Alexandra Dawson Conservation Area, Hadley: An oasis for birds, frogs, and turtles on 38 acres of wetlands that honor the memory of one of the Valley’s foremost conservationists.

Terry Blunt Conservation Area, Hatfield: 32 acres of upland forest added to the conservation area on Chestnut Mountain to protect local drinking water and expand hiking trails.

Every land project we undertake is backed by you and others whose support ensures Kestrel’s skilled leadership for Valley conservation.

Conserve the Valley you love by donating today. Your gift will be matched by Kestrel’s board of trustees and advisory council up to $20,000, and will also leverage at least 10 times its value in public grants to buy and protect land.

Thank you for conserving the Valley you love!

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Conserve the Valley you love! Join Kestrel Land Trust to protect forests and farmland in Amherst, Northampton, and surrounding Valley towns.

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