We bring science alive to students across Massachusetts, in an effort to give them the opportunity to become the scientists of tomorrow!

It is projected that the next great resource shortage in our nation will be U.S. scientists. Our nation cannot remain a leader in scientific discovery and innovation without a next generation of scientists that have experienced a quality education. Beyond education, though, we must nuture curiosity, inspire students' lives, and provide them with the necessary skills to be successful!

The MAS, through its partnerships and initiatives, understands how important it is to give students a clear roadmap to success in science, whether they choose it as a career or not.

  • We work to inspire middle school students to embark on independent science research by pairing them with a near-peer mentor.
  • We work to strengthen college students' voices by advocating for changes in their science education.
  • We consult with the Governor and state agencies to help them understand how to strengthen Massachusetts' position as a leader in scientific innovation.

We are a small non-profit with big goals! We work tirelessly to ensure that we are contributing to the transformation of science education in Massachusetts.

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