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Our second annual holiday support for Kacy's Kids, which helps 120 children recieve holiday gifts


Enjoying the 20th Anniversary Gala festivities!


Participants proudly display mosaics they made at the Women's Center


Don't forget to check out our booth at the next block party!


In addition to our non-perishable food pantry, MCSM offers fresh produce from Just Roots Farm from summer to fall


Turners Falls Women's Resource Center Banner


Celebrating 20 years helping local families. Here's to 20 more!

We help strengthen, encourage and support families and individuals in our community through a variety of free programs and services!

In 2014 Montague Catholic Social Ministries (MCSM) will celebrate 20 years as an integral part of our community. Through our Family Center Playgroup, Women's Resource Center Open Hours, creative and healing arts programs, Family Support Home Visiting program, education and leadership development we nurture connections and offer hope. Our Basic Needs program shares what resources we have to help out neighbors in need. MCSM helps individuals and families grow strong in their ability to bounce back from adversity.

Nearly 20 years ago, we started by offering a safe place for women and children to gather; listening to them and their needs and working with them to empower us all to meet those needs. We are from and of the community. Developing and offering programs that the people in our community have identified as what they need is how we develop connections and offer hope. This is the heart of what MCSM is.

To get to know us a little better, here are a few of stories that people have asked us to share with you.

“Gutter to Glory … As I looked in the mirror; I didn’t want my mother to have to tell my children I was dead.”

“MCSM played a huge roll in my success. Two days before Christmas a knock on the door, and there she stood with a tree for my family. Being an addict for over 10 years, the struggle to stay clean was horrific. There were days when we wouldn’t have eaten if it wasn’t for MCSM. I received such support from the people at MCSM that I overcame my addiction and proceeded to go to college. Now with a degree in Criminal Justice, I am attending UMass, I want to become a role model for children. MCSM was my savior.” Nancy P

An oasis of peace… “The Women’s Center is an oasis of peace for me. Where ever I am in my life, be it chaos or stress, walking in the door of the Women’s Center has a calming effect on me. The programs are always informative, giving words of wisdom to live by. The camaraderie of the women at the center fills the need to have someone who is feeling the same as me. Having a history of abuse makes me shy to make friends but being at the Women’s Center opens me up to talk and interact with like women.

The Women’s Center is very important to me for my sanity and gives me a safe place to socialize.” Turners Falls Women’s Resource Center participant

A story of transformation … “Every time I enter this room I feel it is at its best. There are times it’s been busy and bustling with everyone active - times when there were a few people reading, sitting, visiting - times when people have differing opinions - in short, it is a place where people can share laughter, compromise, tears, quiet. Since I’ve been coming here, I’ve felt welcomed and visible. Not only that, but cherished as a fellow human being. Because of this I have been offering to help other people by walking with them, being a sounding board, and helping them feel somewhat connected with the world. I have not had a lot of exposure to people sharing their lives so openly and they are searching for the same things I am.” Turners Falls Women’s Resource Center participant

Molly’s story … “When walking into MCSM I was faced with a crisis so big, I thought, for anyone to handle. Little did I know I was wrong. MCSM has helped me get through a domestic violence situation and is in the process of helping me regain custody of my son. From simple things such as food, playgroups, or diapers to advocating and getting a restraining order, they have been by my side. They have given me the tools to provide my son with a healthy, loving, safe environment for him to grow. MSCM has been one of the greatest supports I have had in my entire life.” MCSM Program participant

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We help strengthen, encourage and support families and individuals in our community through a variety of free programs and services!

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