MotherWoman supports and empowers mothers by impacting family policy, building community safety nets, and promoting mothers' leadership.


  • Supporting and empowering ALL Mothers, promoting their resilience and leadership
  • Building community safety nets and training professionals who serve mothers
  • Impacting policy issues that affect mothers, families and children



  • Postpartum depression and anxiety affects 10 – 20% of all mothers. This is a Public Health issue. NOT an individual mother's problem.
  • In low income-communities, this number skyrockets to 40 - 60%. This is a Social Justice issue!

“MotherWoman empowered me to keep on going, to live my life the best I could each day, and to be present for my son. Through the support group, I learned I was not alone in my struggles. I am part of a community of women who are still fighting isolation, battling anxiety, and facing mountains of unrealistic expectations because our society does not support mothers or families.” - Elizabeth, support group attendee

YOUR GIFT WILL ensure that support groups are available to strengthen thousands of diverse mothers in Western MA. It will also ensure that more women are able to receive a scholarship to take our Group Facilitator Training.



  • When left unnoticed, perinatal depression and anxiety will have a lifelong effect on the child's cognitive, emotional, and behavioral health.
  • Lack of medical and mental health provider training and coordinated services means that many mothers who need support fall through the cracks.

“MotherWoman’s leadership has equipped the Franklin County Coalition of professionals who serve mothers to make positive changes in our community that will benefit mothers and families for years to come.”
- Linda Jablonski, RN

YOUR GIFT WILL help build Perinatal Support Coalitions in more communities. Tens of thousands of MA mothers and families will get the help they need, when they need it.



  • In the US, having a child is the single most significant indicator that a mother will experience poverty in her lifetime.
  • Poverty is the #1 factor leading to maternal depression and anxiety. It is a vicious circle.
  • In Massachusetts alone, over 1 Million hourly workers, many of whom are Mothers, do not have access to a single paid sick day.
  • The United States is one of three countries that does not have a federally mandated maternity leave. The other two are Swaziland and Papua New Guinea.

"My kid was really sick and even though I don't have any paid sick time at work I had to stay home with her. When I called in to work my boss said, 'you're fired'. Are they allowed to do that?" - Karen, support group attendee

YOUR GIFT will help change family policies so that working parents are not forced to choose between the jobs they need and the families they love.


When mothers are strong and supported, families and communities thrive. Make this vision a reality in Western MA!

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