Mount Grace benefits the environment, the economy, and future generations by protecting significant land and encouraging land stewardship.

Since 1986, Mount Grace has completed hundreds of projects in partnership with local landowners to protect 27,000 acres in Franklin and Worcester Counties.

From the peak of Warwick’s Mount Grace to the rolling landscapes of the Quabbin and the Connecticut River Valley, Mount Grace protects the natural and working landscapes that define our communities and local economy.

Working with a dedicated volunteer network of natural resources professionals and committed citizens, Mount Grace demonstrates a range of responsible land stewardship practices that provide long-term environmental and economic rewards.

Mount Grace is recognized across the state and nationally as an example of excellence in community-based collaborative land conservation.

Our innovative work includes:

· Securing, in partnership with Ryan and Sarah Voiland of Red Fire Farm, a 122-acre farmstead in Montague as a permanently affordable whole farm,

· Teaming with neighbors of Leyden’s Bree-Z-Knoll Farm to find a way to protect the town’s last remaining dairy farm,

· Sustaining a statewide AmeriCorps program (created by Mount Grace in 2010), the Massachusetts Land Initiative for Tomorrow, which brings 20 AmeriCorps members to Massachusetts each year to focus on land conservation and stewardship around the state and,

· Conserving hundreds of acres from Northfield to Wendell along the New England Trail, to protect the trail and its rural landscapes as a public resource in perpetuity.

Mount Grace works in partnership with local towns and local people, and we invite all our members to get to know the land. Over 1,100 members support Mount Grace’s work. These individuals have a common goal: they want to help keep communities, forests, farms, and landscapes whole, healthy, and permanently intact across the Commonwealth.

Thanks in part to Valley Gives, we now have 200 new members since 2012!

Everyone who makes a gift of $50 or more is eligible to receive a prize from Mount Grace! A match will be made for all contributions from new donors who have never supported Mount Grace financially in the past!

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