Painting of the farm by Janet Walerstein Winston



Painting of the farm by Janet Walerstein Winston


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Painting of the farm by Louise Lavine

Our permanently affordable community-owned farmland provides organic food and livestock for hundreds of families in & around North Amherst.

In 2006, the North Amherst Community Farm (NACF) was created when the Dziekanowski farm, one of the last working farms in North Amherst, was purchased and saved from development for $1.19 million with $565,000 in private donations, state and local funding, and a $625,000 mortgage from the sellers.

Phase 2 of the Campaign is now under way to complete the purchase of the land and ensure its financial stability by raising a total of $520,000.

We are nearly halfway to our goal. Over $200,000 has been pledged to date.

With your support, we can raise $10,000 by the end of Valley Gives Day.

Why consider the gift of a community farm this year?

The historic North Amherst Community Farm is your community farm.

As a non-profit organization, it is owned and supported by the community with the mission of being a working farm. Your financial support is essential to a sustainable future. How often do you have a simple way to make a lasting gift to your children, your friends, and your community?

A farm we know and trust

The farm, located between Pine and North Pleasant Streets, is an integral part of what makes our community special. On this piece of land, animals graze and neighbors meet. Every day you and our neighbors see farmers and their apprentices managing the land and its crops. Our community's children grow up feeling connected to the land. Seeing a working organic farm in your own back yard, knowing that you can depend on what's grown in your own community, provides a profound sense of peace and security that can't be taken for granted.

A working landscape

Securing this farm keeps the land available and affordable for farmers and neighbors now and into the future. This won't be land that's locked away in a trackless preserve where people aren't welcome. Generations from now farmers will bring their own creative vision to it, a vision that will respond to the community's desires for healthy food from a farm run with integrity and that is open to all for sustenance and enjoyment. Together we can keep this true working landscape alive and growing for our community.

A gift you can give

A stone wall is built of stones of many sizes, each contributing to its strength and stability. Picture a well-built wall along the field with your stone holding it up. Imagine what it will be like years from now when the next generation stands on the path through the farm fields, smells the ripening strawberries, and gives thanks to our generation for saving this farm for all of us.

Our goal: to create an economically sustainable community owned organic farm.

What will you give to keep your farm sustainable forever?

Thank you to our recent donors!

$25,000 - $49,999:

Pat Holland & Bob Winne, Anonymous

$10,000 - $24,999:

Penny Pekow/Pekow Family, Gareth & Sara Ross (with an employer match)

$5,000 - $9,999:

Steve Dunn & Jessica Plaut, John & Phyllis Gerber, David Kastor & Jennie Traschen, Marcy Sala, Barbara Partee, David Sharken, Claude Tellier & Ruth Hazzard, Catharine Porter

$1,800 - $4,999:

Bruce Coldham & Mary Sayer, Laura Fitch & Lyons Witten, Therese Fitzsimmons, Harry & Sharon Seelig, Alyssa Melnick & Tom Trenchard, Victoria Pillard, Anna Coldham & Brian Katzman, Don & Karen Gallagher, Greg Barker (with an employer match)

$1,000 - $1,799:

Jeremy & Audrey Barker Plotkin, Debbie Zeidenberg & Evan Shopper, Wayne & Joyce Crouch, Bob & Sigrid Pollin, Jan and Robin Dizard, Harriet & Alexander Pollatsek, Meg Gage and Steve King, Alice Swift, Dyan Wiley & Tor Smith, Lynn Griesemer, Ann & Tom Barker (with an employer match), Esta Pekow, Sally Lawall, Anne & George Levinger

Under $1,000:

Carl & Carolyn Mailler, Ted White & Katie Shults, Dick Minear, Rachel Keen, Chris & Deanne Riddle, Ronna Erickson, Jamie & Ginny Elkin, Michael Ash & Krista Harper, Robert & Catherine Brooks, Mike & Barb April, Ludmilla Pavlova & David Gillham, Hilda & Louis Greenbaum, David Foster & Marianne Jorgensen, Michael Abbate, Andrea Cooper & Mark Roberts, Kinga Pluta, Bonnie Shopper, Ana Caicado, Joel & Gretchen Plotkin, Benjamin & Irene Davidovitch, David Foster & Marianne Jorgensen

Thanks to the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts for making Valley Gives possible.

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Our permanently affordable community-owned farmland provides organic food and livestock for hundreds of families in & around North Amherst.

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