Our Family Farms delivers our milk


Community donation of fresh eggs!


Pete's Tire Barns annual donation of hams!


Rebecca from Forget me not Florist donates flowers to our clients weekly!


Post Office Food Drive is successful because of volunteers!


Community donation of apples!


Kids’ Summer Food Program (KSFP) helps bridge the summer nutrition gap by distributing food packages to children.


The Center joined forces with's nutritional program to help educate about balanced dietary choices!!


2013 Annual Post Office Food Drive brought in more than 20,000 pounds of food for our community!!!


Young at Heart Concert 2013 ~ A beautiful night of music, fun, and laughter to benefit The NSC!!


~ Project Subtle Savings ~ Find out how a little change can make a big difference! Participate ~ Decorate ~ Donate


Abundance Farm of Congregation B'nai Israel

Improving quality of life for low-income individuals & families in Hampshire County by providing food & other resources w/ dignity & respect

What does it mean to you to live in a Happy Valley?

For me, it means we’re here for each other as a caring community, ready to boost our neighbors up when they need a helping hand, and willing to work together for the health and betterment of all.

The outstanding volunteers of the Northampton Survival Center provide an inspiring example of living out these values. Every week, over 130 community members dedicate time to sort clothing, distribute groceries, recycle cardboard, and pick up day old baked goods around town.

Local businesses are also vital in sustaining our Happy Valley, as they invest a portion of their dollars to help feed our neighbors in need. Community donations this past year enabled us to enhance and expand the NSC’s food distribution, moving client choice and health education to the forefront. We gave out more fresh produce, promoted home cooking, and helped families like Maylynn’s achieve self-sufficiency to move beyond our services.

We invite you to make the most of Valley Gives Day by joining our Bread & Butter Club with a regular monthly donation – it makes such a difference in allowing us to plan for our work ahead. Or, if you prefer, make a one-time donation to support our program and help make this a Happy Valley for all our neighbors this season. We're hoping to raise $5000 for each program described below.

Thank you for your support, Heidi Nortonsmith

Bread & Butter Club

Spread your warm feelings about the Northampton Survival Center’s work throughout the year by tangibly supporting our programs each month. The Bread & Butter Club provides an easy way to contribute regularly by credit card or automatic bank withdrawal. This year, instead of a food drive, we’re encouraging businesses and groups to magnify their efforts by hosting a Bread & Butter Club drive for the Center. While we appreciate the food drives which add valuable variety to our supply, regular donations of money, particularly those we can count on through our Bread & Butter Club, provide the most stability, security, and longevity to our programs.

“Sometimes it’s easy to feel down when things aren’t going so well in your life, so it’s nice to be somewhere where everyone is so positive and nice.”

Fresh Local Milk Program

We had fresh milk to offer clients on occasion, but more often we could only offer powered milk, which wasn’t a popular choice. Thanks to an anonymous three-year grant, we are finally able to offer fresh, local milk to our clients with every visit through a partnership with Our Family Farms dairy co-op. We started offering milk during the 2012 Kids’ Summer Food Program, and it was an immediate success. Beginning in March, the new grant enables us to provide milk year round.

Kids’ Summer Food Program

KSFP provides tens of thousands of meals during summer break for children who rely on free meals at school. This program is a lifesaver for hundreds of local families, and amazingly, when you donate just $6 each month for a year, it enables us to provide breakfast and lunch groceries for one child every weekday, all summer long!

Post Office Food Drive

Families throughout the area fill bags with groceries that are picked up by postal carriers and donated to the Center. Each year approximately 20,000 pounds of food come to the center though this food drive in a massive and fun-filled community effort that is continually a tremendous success. It’s always a day when our community truly shines, as neighbors care for neighbors together.

My Plate

With a nod to the USDA and their My Plate approach to balancing nutrition, the NSC has launched a new way to distribute food to our clients to be much broader: dairy, fresh produce, canned fruits and vegetables, grains, protein, meal makers and supplies, extras, and occasional “freebies” outside of the list. Clients will be able to choose the types of food they want in each category helping them make the healthiest food choices for themselves and their families.

“This place is a lifesaver for me. I especially appreciate the fresh vegetables. It’s unusual to find a place that really works for you.”

“I never knew what kale was. I am 50 years old and I have never eaten so healthy in my life since I started coming [to the NSC].”

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Improving quality of life for low-income individuals & families in Hampshire County by providing food & other resources w/ dignity & respect

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