Reader to Reader is dedicated to bringing books, computers and literacy programs to under-resourced school and public libraries worldwide.

Access to books in the home, school and public library increases test scores and reading ability at all levels, for all children. Yet 60% of underprivileged children do not own a single book.

This makes a well-stocked library a critical resource hub that is a necessity, not a luxury.

Reader to Reader is dedicated to expanding literacy and learning opportunities for the nation's most chronically underserved and vulnerable communities, including inner-city schools, Native American reservations, and poor rural towns.

We accomplish this primarily through innovative literacy programs, book & computer donation programs, and the development of partnerships with school districts that extend the capacity of the education system to transform struggling students into joyful and engaged lifelong learners.

Since 2001, we have donated over $4,500,000 worth of books to under-resourced schools and libraries nationwide. Each year we donate over 50,000 books to our local communities right here in the Valley.

Other projects:
READ, THINK, SHARE- One-on-one reading with a college mentor gets kids engaged with reading in new and exciting ways. Over 1,000 students served in the Pioneer Valley in 2013 alone!

ENCAMINATE- Family literacy and English language learning classes taught in Holyoke public schools designed to empower young parents to take on their role as a child's most important teacher.

ATHENA INTERACTIVE LITERACY PROGRAM- Teen moms from Holyoke, MA come to our offices for workshops in spoken word poetry, teaching their kids to read, interactive literacy and healthy cooking.

BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS- College advising and prep for low-income, minority and/or first-generation students to get them into college and graduated!

THE SPRINGBOARD PROGRAM- Student-designed, student-led literacy projects are supported by Reader to Reader for maximum impact on both student and community. Students are challenged to provide educational resources in innovative, valuable and wanted ways.

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