We envision a Common Good Economy, where local communities, businesses and individuals are empowered and supported in their local economy.

rCredits is the major program of Society to Benefit Everyone (d/b/a Common Good Finance). rCredits is a next generation community-created credits program that is launching in March, 2013.

At Common Good Finance, we envision a society in which we gather locally to decide for ourselves what our funding priorities should be: for sustainable agriculture and energy systems, for local self-reliance, for ensuring that everyone has healthy food, a home, healthcare, and satisfying work. We call this a Common Good Economy.

Our mission is to design and create rCredits, a state-of-the-art, democratically-controlled community credit system as the framework for that Common Good Economy. Some key ingredients of the system are: participatory community-centered decision-making, collaboration, economic justice, and incentives for innovation. The framework has to operate effectively within our current economic system. It must be easy for any community to adopt. It should connect seamlessly to the current mainstream economy, for smooth transitioning to a potential new global economy.

The Common Good Finance team includes individuals with decades of experience in social entrepreneurship, economic theory, network building, policy analysis, information technology, marketing, and campaign development. Common Good Finance is backed by a fifty-member advisory board including world-renowned experts in community-created credit systems, local economic development, and social change, along with dozens of active supporters in our two pilot communities: Greenfield, MA and New London, CT

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