We invest in the lives and talents of women and girls. And we build the capacity of women as leaders.

The Women's Fund of Western Massachusetts invests in the lives and talents of women and girls.

As a foundation, we strategically award grants to organizations within the four counties of western Massachusetts. For more than 15 years, we have supported local efforts where addressing the needs of women and girls and building their capacity is at the heart of the work. Our grantee partners are expert practitioners. We provide them with resources to help them succeed and tools to measure their impact.

We believe that women hold the talents and capacity to build better communities and improve all sectors of society. Our year-long Leadership Institute for Political and Public Impact (LIPPI) equips women with the tools, confidence and networks to become civic leaders. Each year, a diverse cohort of LIPPI participants is trained in community organizing, policy-making, fundraising, campaign management, running for office, and board participation. And each year, they go on to claim their seats at tables of influence.

The Women's Fund supports women's philanthropy, as it is an effective and critical tool for advancing social change.

We recognize the leaders among us, from the trailblazing Standing on Her Shoulders award recipients, to the emerging Ripple Effect award winners, to those we've honored with our She Changes the World award. We know that women can change the world and acknowledge those who already have.

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