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Alliance to Develop Power / ADP creates good local jobs by mowing our own lawn! (and other good deeds..)

Who are we? ADP! :

Give us tools, give us resources, and we will give you the Pioneer Valley transformed.

Alliance to Develop Power is lifting up new and existing leaders in isolated communities to reap the rewards of making their own neighborhoods strong and healthy. ADP leaders come from many different backgrounds and have amazing life stories. We all share a desire to make the Pioneer Valley the most sustainable, equitable, and just place to live and love for many generations to come.

ADP's "Community Economy” creates living wage jobs by transforming neighborhoods in the Pioneer Valley. ADP started 21 years ago with the preservation of more than 1,400 units of affordable housing. Today, 770 of these units are still maintained as ADP tenant-run housing cooperatives in Springfield, Westfield and Greenfield. These housing cooperatives employ 18 ADP members as property managers, bookkeepers and maintenance staff, while housing thousands of people.

Each summer, ADP's housing cooperatives employ 30 or more teens in beautifying their own neighborhoods. These young community members go through a training curriculum on impacting their community through organizing and civic engagement.

There are many other community benefit programs that come out of the Community Economy including summer breakfast and lunch for children at ADP properties, farm to neighborhood events and services, computer technology resources, nutrition classes and much MUCH more...

How ADP is addressing the jobs crisis by “mowing its own lawn” :

One ADP innovative business, United for Hire, was formed over ten years ago when tenants living in ADP affordable cooperative housing asked one simple question: “why should we pay an outside contractor to mow our lawn – when we can just pay ourselves to do it?”

United for Hire is a worker controlled / community owned business. We employ over 20 people in sustainable, living wage jobs. These community economy employees are paid a living wage to providing landscaping, snow removal, painting, tiling and construction to ADP's affordable housing cooperatives. Workers are trained on the job, and are tenants in the same affordable housing. This means that tenants gain new skills as they earn money to maintain their housing, ensuring rent is paid on time and creating more new jobs for tenants and so on and so on…

Impact to Date:

ADP’s base of community owned, cooperatively-controlled assets injects more than $20 million a year into the regional economy. These programs and innovative businesses maintain 60 people in family sustaining, living wage jobs.

Total wages and benefits paid from ADP totaled over $1.6 million in 2011. An expansion of ADP’s community economy model could bring this number up to a quarter of a billion in wages and benefits by 2014.

Family financial stability in our neighborhoods has vast impacts on the development of our community. Stress levels of parents have been correlated to low academic acheivements, behavioral challenges, and under achievement for our children.

Proposed use of funds:

The ADP Community Economy has the potential to employ hundreds of under/unemployed people in any region. ADP will use your donations to expand its unique brand of job creation and community change.

With additional funds, ADP can move beyond it’s captive market of ADP cooperative housing, bringing the Community Economy model to even more affordable housing complexes – employing more affordable housing tenants through United for Hire and creating more community controlled wealth that will bring living wage jobs and stabilize affordable housing communities – all by getting people to “mow their own lawn.”

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Alliance to Develop Power / ADP creates good local jobs by mowing our own lawn! (and other good deeds..)

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