Karuna Center for Peacebuilding

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Our interfaith dialogue workshops led to many community reconciliation projects after Sri Lanka's civil war.

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Islamic imams begin a Karuna Center workshop with an icebreaker in which they examine words of peace from diverse faiths

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Trincomalee, Sri Lanka: Children play at an interfaith camp, one of the many programs stemming from Karuna's work.

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Ken Williams leads a workshop for students at the Paulo Freire Social Justice Charter School in Holyoke.

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A local dialogue in Northampton, MA: "Do Muslim Women Need Saving?" - organized with Critical Connections

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Karuna Center founder Paula Green leads a workshop with Nepali women political leaders.

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Former Israeli & Palestinian combatants at a 2014 workshop co-facilitated by Paula Green with Combatants for Peace

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We have worked in Senegal since 2003, among rebels, communities, and political leaders, to help resolve the civil war.

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In 2014, we supported traditional priestesses in Senegal to seize an opportunity to bolster the peace process.

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Palmyra crafts: one of over 50 inter-ethnic community projects our dialogues fostered after Sri Lanka's civil war

We bridge divides to build sustainable peace.

Dec. 10: Human Rights Day - Valley Gives Day

At the heart of our work, we build connections—authentic relationships—for mutual survival. Our programs and collaborations with local partners lead people to identify the roots of the conflicts that divide them, develop understanding, and come together to construct a shared future. We discover that even in communities torn apart by violence, finding peace is possible—and necessary.

Civil wars, political instability, and environmental challenges are an increasing threat to human security across the globe. Our current work in places including Israel/Palestine, Senegal, Pakistan, and the Central African Republic address problems that do not stop at national borders. We engage people at all levels of society, from grassroots communities to the halls of parliament, to build alternatives to violent movements that threaten our mutual security.

Our local Western Massachusetts initiatives reflect the values and skills that we have developed from our work with international partners. We are currently working in the Paulo Freire Social Justice Charter School in Holyoke, Massachusetts to empower youth with nonviolent conflict transformation skills. We are also partnering with a local Muslim-led organization, Critical Connections, to address divides between Muslim and non-Muslim people in Western Massachusetts.

Your donation allows us to both continue our work in conflict zones across the globe, and build bridges between communities here at home.

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Karuna Center for Peacebuilding
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We bridge divides to build sustainable peace.

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