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Visit our new digital mosaic of a rarely seen historic mural - Online NOW!

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Returning to Gfld after 92 yrs in CA, car # 6 of a short run of “special” racers produced by Wing Co. on Pierce St.

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Discovered in Colrain, ca.1850 personalized Blacksmith’s Jamb Plate, predecessor of modern Thread Cutting Dies.

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Observe and use some of the many locally made tools including this rare Goodell-Pratt mini machine shop.

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Making and learning the nuts and bolts of local industry with hands on activities.

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Much is on display and our entire collection is available for research

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Committed to preserving the home-grown water power origins of our industry, like the historic Wiley & Russell dam.

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MOIH's home in an historic mill needs continual upkeep and care.

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Programming has something for everyone: demonstrations like Iron Johnny the blacksmith pictured here.

Celebrate the American Industrial Revolution, with our own local history. Today's world was shaped by what happened here!

Thank you continuing supporters, and welcome new visitors! We proudly announce the release of our new digital projects, for 2014. We hope you enjoy this major work and contribute, here on this Valley Gives event, in support of our ongoing efforts.

Time passes quickly. History is often lost with the passing of the generation who lived it. The life experience of our past neighbors is an important legacy to remember.

This valley history is both entertaining and educational. A global industry started here and is a success story important for us to know – IF IT SURVIVES !

Please help us discover, preserve and narrate this proud legacy. We hope you enjoy our year-end web event and help by donating here, at Valley Gives. Any contribution enters us in bonus drawings which might augment your donation by more than a thousand dollars! Last year, we won a “Golden Ticket” drawing, which added $1000 to our funding. Please help us have similar luck, this year.

Rediscovery of “Cheapside River Port”, by Stephen Maniatty

Visit Our Stephen Maniatty - Cheapside River Port Exhibit Page

For several years, we have been hunting for a large mural by local artist, Stephen Maniatty (1910-1984). Cheapside port was located on the Deerfield River, in the open area just west of the Connecticut River. Connecticut River barge traffic was crucial transportation in a world without highways or railroads. This commerce was so important, that ownership of the Cheapside district was hotly disputed between Deerfield and Greenfield for nearly 60 years (finally became Greenfield in 1895).

Our re-discovery of Stephen Maniatty's mural of Cheapside is of a scene from about 1805. We found it as being 7x18 feet in size and in good condition! Our digital mosaic was created from 24 individual exposures, with a target resolution of 150 dots per inch. The resulting image is over 20,000 pixels wide.

We believe this the first digital reproduction of this rarely seen Franklin County history. We hope you enjoy it and remember us!

Seeing Into the Past: Wiley & Russell Tap & Die – 1897

Visit Our New Wiley & Russell Exhibit

During 2014, we were provided access to a fragile and incredibly important set of insurance maps of the Wiley & Russell company (one of the first two companies to produce modern machine thread cutting tools). These maps describe the buildings, construction and changes over the years between 1889 to 1913, at which time the company became part of the newly formed Greenfield Tap & Die Company. We have produced a 3D model of the site, as it appeared in 1897. The reproduction and study of these maps, along with surviving photographs, is the basis for the model. This work in progress is now being presented for the first time.

It's your history! If you believe you have old, undiscovered photographs, or wish to learn how we do this, please get in touch. If you enjoy it, please contribute!

Sincerely, All of your neighbors at:

The Museum Of Our Industrial Heritage
Greenfield, Massachusetts

An important and unique collection, well presented; fine view of the river! You’ve come so far since you first opened; we’re becoming members to help keep the good work going.

Very impressive tours, and enthusiastic, knowledgeable guides. We’ll come back!

Emily was here and liked it!

Wonderful work and a real service to the community. Thank you! Beautiful display – such a rich history.

To learn more about the museum and the work we're doing please visit the museum's website at

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Celebrate the American Industrial Revolution, with our own local history. Today's world was shaped by what happened here!

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